PPC-GI Director General visits Gaza

The Palestinian Peace Coalition – Geneva Initiative (PPC-GI) Director General, Nidal Foqaha, visited the Gaza Strip early this week. Gaza is suffering from a critical humanitarian crisis, with many homes only receiving several hours of electricity a day, fresh water in short supply, buildings still damaged from the recent fighting and as many as 10,000 residents still residing in United Nations-run schools. The visit was aimed at supporting and empowering PPC-GI activities in the Gaza Strip.


During his visit Foqaha held several meetings with the representatives of the different political parties in Gaza. The PPC-GI hosted a dinner for Gazan writers and public leaders and a seminar for young activists and community leaders to discuss the difficult circumstances in Gaza and how to generate meaningful change.

Hani Habib, a prominent Gazan columnist remarked at the dinner: “At every event I go to in Gaza, I only see people from the same affiliation attending; I don’t know how the PPC-GI always manages to bring such diversified groups, whether politically, gender wise or youth”.

In the photo: PPC-GI Director General Nidal Foqaha surveys damage from the fighting during the recent Gaza War