PPC-GI Local Training Seminar for Youth in Hebron


The Palestinian Peace Collation - Geneva Initiative (PPC-GI) organized a training seminar in Hebron for youth which dealt with the role of youth in creating change and the political situation in Palestine.

Young leaders and political activists at a local seminar in Hebron
Some 62 young leaders and political activists from Hebron attended the event which took place between August 15th – 17th, 2013. The seminar was facilitated by Haydar Awadallah, a journalist and political analyst, and Mrs. Fatina Aboud, the head of PR at PPC-GI.
The event focused on the current political situation and the role of young leaders in making change. The seminar emphasized that Palestinian youth, who constitute a majority of the population, have considerable power to make important changes within society. The participants discussed issues of concern to youth on both the local and national levels. The seminar also focused on the importance of the rule of law, and protecting human and constitutional rights, as well as the role of the PA security forces in guaranteeing those rights.