Geneva Initiative Annexes
Geneva Initiative Annexes


PPC Training Seminar for Young Palestinian Activists


The Palestinian Peace Coalition-GI started its 2014 program of training seminars in Qalqilya on March 13th – 14th, 2013. The seminar was run by Mr. Reyad Shrim from Alistiklal University in Jericho and was attended by 45 young Palestinian activists.


The event focused on the most recent developments in the political situation, mainly the peace talks, and tackled the issue of the Hamas-Fatah/Fatah-Fatah dispute and the ramifications of these conflicts. The purpose of focusing on these issues was to introduce to the participants the risks that extremism and intolerance impose on the Palestinian Cause and on the aspiration of young Palestinians. 
PPC Project Manager Ayed Atmawi addresses the seminar
Mr. Ayed Atmawi, the project manager, said "During the course of the 2 days, we divided the participants into groups to address issues of concern including the young generation's role in politics, to the Palestinian Basic Law and the importance of the rule of Law." 
The training workshops are designed to work on two levels: theoretical and practical. The participants reviewed and studied 2 political parties and reflected on their extreme ideologies and political speech. The participants also had the chance to practice what they had learnt about tolerance, realism and rights by giving speeches and organizing quick debates and took part in sessions focusing on three issues: critical thinking, debate, human rights. 
Seminar participants engage in discussion