Profile of a Settler Advocate: Danny Dayan and the Geneva Initiative

By Amir Tibon, Walla News

Amir Tibon via Walla News

Settler leader Danny Dayan admitted that the Geneva Initiative is the preferred model for a peace agreement in the international community and describes his attempt to position his policy proposals in a similar fashion in an interview published on January 1st, 2015.

Amir Tibon from Walla News conducted the interview with the former head of the Yesha Settlers Council and candidate in the Israeli elections for the extreme right Jewish Home party.The interview focused on Dayan’s efforts to lobby the international community on behalf of the settler community and against a two-state solution over the last four years.Translated excerpt from the article:

“When Dayan began his diplomatic project, he set a goal to go head to head with left wing organizations that are more connected to the international arena, such as the Geneva Initiative, whose Israeli-Palestinian agreement is considered by the international community as the preferred model for a peace agreement. Dayan is attempting to position his policy proposals in a similar fashion. 'It is much easier for them. As they say, a woman working her way up the ladder has a much harder time than a man, I also need to work harder to reach the same achievements. I am jealous of them, but that is part of the challenge.'"

In the photo: Danny Dayan (on the right) at a Geneva Initiative conference

While we are happy that Dayan sees us as a role model, we find it odd to compare the just fight for female equality with a goal that does precisely the opposite: Dayan aims to squash Palestinian hopes for equality and statehood. Regardless of Dayan's attempts at positive spin, the facts on the ground speak for themselves: On the day the interview was published, settlers pelted rocks at US Consulate staff who were examining thousands of uprooted olive tree seedlings in a Palestinian Village in the West Bank.

Tibon also quotes Gadi Baltiansky, Director General of the Geneva Initiative: “With his diligence and his politeness, Dayan is convincing international actors that the obsession with settling the territory of the future Palestinian state is not only held by a fanatical, religious minority, but is trickling down to ‘normal’ Israelis – it is this thought that is scaring the world. Every diplomat that he meets, sends advice to act urgently and forcefully against the settlements. Dayan’s place is with the extreme right in the Knesset, and I wish him personal success but a continuation of his professional failures.”

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