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Proposal for an internationally supervised J'lem draws fire


Controversial Jerusalem Proposal.

A document published by the Jerusalem Institute for Israel Studies that called for international supervision in Jerusalem garnered harsh responses from both left- and right-wing politicians Tuesday.
“The team of experts from Herzliya is suffering from feelings of guilt or Jewish inferiority; there is no other way to explain why they would suggest to abandon the Jewish people’s holiest places to the mercy of strangers,” National Religious Party Chairman Zevulun Orlev said.
National Union Head Zvi Hendel said that “only after Israel is granted supervision over Mecca and the Vatican will it allow supervision over the holy sites in Jerusalem."
“There is a limit to the audacity and self-humiliation a sovereign, proud country can endure,” he said.
Israel Our Home Chairman Avigdor Lieberman claimed international supervision over Jerusalem would be detrimental to Israel’s security, saying, “our bitter experience with international inspectors of all kinds teaches us that they only assist the other side and prevent Israel from safeguarding its security.”
“The events in south Lebanon, specifically the kidnapping of three Israeli soldiers, as well as what is happening in Hebron and in the Gaza crossings – this is a gloomy reality that requires no further interpretation,” he added.
Left-wing activists, meanwhile, also expressed their disgruntlement with the proposal.
“The solution should be searched for through negotiations with the Palestinians, not with the world,” Geneva Initiative Director General Gadi Baltiansky said.
“As opposed to the proposal presented by the researchers, Israel can maintain its sovereignty in the Western Wall as part of a permanent agreement, as the Geneva agreement proves,” he added.
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