Geneva Initiative Annexes
Geneva Initiative Annexes


Rice Interested in the Geneva Accord

By Ben Caspit (translated from Ma'ariv), 06.02.07  

Negotiations between Israel and the Palestinians are planned to shortly resume, after a lengthy period in which the sides met away from public and media attention. The initiative is to be regional, under American patronage, and will include upgrading relations between Israel and Arab and Muslim countries in the region. There is also a possibility that new relations will be forged between Israel and Arab countries with which Israel has had no relations to date. Other states involved in the initiative are mainly the moderate Arab states in the region.
In this context, Rice displayed an interest in the details of the Geneva Accord, the name of which has surfaced. Rice was interested in Abu Mazen's (Abbas) taking on the Accord and also requested the opinion of the Israeli side. Apparently, Livni's side does not reject large parts of the plan, apart from the Refugees Clause which is perceived as the Foreign Minister's "baby" on which she has a relatively stern outlook