Russian-Speakers Tour of the Gaza Envelope

June has been a busy month for our Russian-Speakers course! In addition to a series of meetings with Palestinian officials and Israeli MKs, a group of 40 young leaders from the Russian-speaking community traveled to the Gaza envelope area on June 20th with conflict expert Dr. Shaul Arieli for an intensive tour of the area. This tour is part of the Initiative's broader strategy to provide in-depth knowledge and tools related to promotion of the two-state solution for new leaders with the power to influence their communities.

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During a full day tour that included stops at important historical and geographic points along the border with Gaza, Dr. Arieli gave participants an arsenal of knowledge and insight into the strategic, economic, and security-related issues in the Gaza Strip and envelope. Our participants left this myth-busting tour with a more nuanced understanding of the situation in and around Gaza -- both the security challenges and the solutions proposed by the Geneva Initiative. We will continue to reach out to Israeli and Palestinian communities from all backgrounds with our message: change is not only possible, it is necessary.