Salam Fayyad: Either Freedom or the Right to...

Salam Fayyad: Either Freedom or the Right to Vote in Israel

Translated by GI Staff

Translated by GI staff

Palestinian Prime Minister Salam Fayyad posted on his official Facebook page remarks made to Bil'in residents during events marking the re-routing of the barrier:

"The removal of the fence is the beginning of the collapse of the occupation. Israel cannot defend the occupation because it became a moral burden on Israel. There is no doubt that the moment of freedom and end of occupation is getting closer. We will get freedom from Israel, or we will get the right to vote inside Israel. Our tremendous power of non-violent resistance exposes the moral bankruptcy of the occupation and its violence. We must continue what we are doing in Bil'in and in our other Palestinian occupied lands until we will wipe out the Occupation's darkness."