Seminar for Israeli and Palestinian political and social activists

If you want to see for yourself that there remains a partner for peace on the other side, but also to better understand their needs, wants and fears, there is nothing better than meeting them in person. That is why the Geneva Initiative programming includes so many joint activities, where politically engaged Israelis and Palestinians can meet and talk about the conflict and ways to solve it.
On April 21-22, we brought together 20 young leaders from Israel and Palestine for two days of lectures, discussions and joint work in the city of Nazareth. The weekend seminar focused on key issues of the conflict and solutions proposed by the Geneva Initiative, and provided participants with detailed knowledge and a toolkit for promoting the two-state solution. It also demonstrated to the participants that there remains a partner for peace on the other side.

Inga, an Israeli women's rights activist and intern at the Knesset, shared her thoughts on Facebook after the seminar: "I spent the past weekend with a group of young Israelis and Palestinians who came together in order to get to know one another, listen and understand the other side. I've met some amazing people, learned a lot about them as well as about myself and realized how much I still have to learn about the conflict and how to solve it. I came back so much more optimistic and energized, because I now know that so many wonderful people from both sides are committed, like myself, to promoting peace. Knowing that this is a road I can share with others makes the road so much prettier".

This seminar was made possible through the generous support of the American people through the United States Agency for International Development.