Seminar for Key Shas Activists

In mid May the Geneva Initiative held a seminar for over 30 key Shas political activists

During the seminar the participants heard lectures from Col. (res.) Ron Schatzberg on the core issues of the conflict, heard from the Swedish Ambassador Carl Magnus Nesser about EU-Israel relations and held a question and answer session with G.I. Director General Gadi Baltiansky. In addition the participants heard from former Palestinian Minister Hisham Abed el-Razek about the Palestinian perspective. The seminar also included a tour of the greater Jerusalem area with Col. (res.) Shaul Arieli who showed the participants the reality on the ground and discussed potential solutions.

The participants listen to Col. (res.) Schatzberg 

At the start of the seminar Benyamin Elharrar, the Deputy Mayor of Bat Yam who helped recruit participants to the seminar said: "During this seminar you will be able to learn about the things that you don't hear about in the media, and develop a much deeper understanding of the issues."

The participants pose with the Swedish Ambassador Carl Magnus Nesser


Shmuel, one of the participants commented: "There is no doubt that the seminar expanded my horizions, and let me discover that there is an entire world on the other side of the wall. Moreso, I discovered that it is actually possible to tear that wall down."