Seminar for Palestinian and Israeli Business Leaders

On March 23-24, the Geneva Initiative, in partnership with the SHARE Foundation, held a two-day seminar for a group of 14 Palestinian and Israeli entrepreneurs and business leaders. 


The group met with experts in the fields of economic development, regional cooperation and peacebuilding, and learned about how economic relations can help mitigate the conflict and ensure the sustainability of peace in the long-term. 

They also met with Palestinian entrepreneur Ala Alaeddin, who discussed the potential for cooperation between high-tech companies in Israel, the West Bank and Gaza. “There is a huge potential for cooperation that can benefit both sides”, he told the participants, “but if you want real investment and economic progress, you have to have political stability”.After the seminar, the participants identified several opportunities for cooperation. In the upcoming months, we will work with them on seizing these opportunities, with an eye to concrete steps that can help build bridges between the two societies.