Seminar for Palestinian and Israeli Young Leaders

In mid March, the Geneva Initiative brought together 20 young leaders from Israel and Palestine for two days of lectures, discussions and joint work in the city of Nazareth. The weekend seminar focused on key issues of the conflict and solutions proposed by the Geneva Initiative, and provided participants with detailed knowledge and a toolkit for promoting the two-state solution. It also demonstrated to the participants that there remains a partner for peace on the other side.



The seminar gave the participants a chance to have a constructive and meaningful exchange about the conflict and the ways it affects their lives, and to explore potential solutions for various issues related to the peace process. It was an invaluable addition to the process that these young leaders have gone through in the past year through with the Geneva Initiative, as it helped many of them realize that there are people on the other side who seek peace and security just as they do.
One Palestinian participant, a media activist from Nablus, said after the seminar: “I didn’t agree with most Israelis in this seminar. I even disagreed with some of the fellow Palestinians. But the amount of information I learned and shared in the past couple of days made me reconsider some of my convictions and views. It was a real eye opening experience".

This seminar was made possible through the generous support of the American people through the United States Agency for International Development.