Seminar for young Political activists in Qalqilia

On August 18-19, the Palestinian Peace Coalition-Geneva Initiative organized a 2-day seminar for young Palestinian political activists and leaders. The meeting, which took place in Qalqilia, brought together 39 activists and was led by Ghasan Elhasan, the Coordinator of the Palestinian Elections Authority and Dr. Reyad Shrim, Head of the Training Unit at Alistiklal University.

Since the municipal elections are scheduled to take place in October, the seminar was a great opportunity to inform the participants about the importance of democratic elections and to give them the tools they need to play a more significant role in the process leading to them and more generally in the democratic system.

The seminar opened with lectures on theoretical aspects of democratic elections, both in general and as they relate to the municipal elections in Palestine. Then, the participants took part in a series of training sessions on political mobilization, media outreach (particularly through social media) and social and political entrepreneurship. Many of the participants said they left the seminar extremely motivated to increase their participation in Palestinian society and politics.