Senior Shas Activists participate in Geneva Initiative Seminar

In late October we held a seminar which for senior political activists from the Shas political party. They were addressed by two Shas MK's who said: "We are not in Netanyahu's pocket".


The two day seminar, which took place on the 21-22 of October was attended by 40 senior political activists from Shas including Members of Knesset, members of religious councils, council members and political advisors. The seminar, which was a part of the ongoing cooperation between Shas and the Geneva Initiative, focused on the future of the peace process.
During the seminar the participants learnt about the solutions offered by the Geneva Initiative, discussed the future of the peace process and met with a former Palestinian minister and Gaza resident.
Senior political Activists from Shas at the Seminar
MK Yitzhak Vaknin, Deputy Speaker of the Knesset said: "We cannot ignore our neighbors. The holiness of life is more important than anything else, and we have to think how to stop the next war. We cannot return to negotiations just to hold talks which are empty of content. We have to hold serious negotiations and we can't let Netanyahu deceive us. Every day that passes, time is working against us, and if we do not reach an agreement today, tomorrow will be worse. We have to reach a peace agreement, otherwise one will be forced on us
MK David Azouli said: "I took part in Geneva Initiative meetings with Senior Palestinians. It was not always easy, but we engaged in a genuine dialogue and we understoof that peace is not only important, it is essential. When Rabbi Ovadia Yosef z"l [the late spiritual leader of Shas] related to the question 'how important is the holiness of the land' he said: 'You cannot rely on miracles and engage in war. We have to return the territories and remove the threat of war from above us'."
Former Palestinian Minister and resident of Gaza, Hisham Abdel Razek related to the important role that Shas could play in promoting peace and said: "Shas can be a bridge to peace. The Geneva Initiative solution provides an answer to the fears of it's leadership with regard to Jerusalem and the holy place."
The participants were also briefed by Col. (res.) Shaul Arieli and Prof. Yossi Yona, senior Geneva Initiative members who presented the Geneva Initiative model to solving the conflict, diplomatic opportunities and discussed the socio-economic implications of the conflict.