Geneva Initiative Annexes
Geneva Initiative Annexes


Settler Leader: "Geneva Initiative has brought about a revolution in public opinion"

By Yisrael Harel, Haaretz (Hebrew)

translation by Geneva Initiative


Stop the Foreign Takeover (excerpts)

Two weeks ago, a 'glorious and magnificent' event with extensive media coverage took place to celebrate "Ten Years to the Geneva Initiative." The propaganda mouthpiece of the "Initiative" published the statistic that 63% of Israelis support an "outline close to Geneva". When it was first founded, support for 'Geneva' was much lower. However, in the last decade the Geneva Initiative has brought about a revolution in public opinion. What happened? Did the Palestinians recognize the state of Israel as the national home of the Jewish people? Did they give up the right of return? Stopped terror? What caused the revolution in public opinion?
Over more than a decade the Swiss government and other foreign governments and organizations provided financial support to the Geneva Initiative's propaganda (and other subversive organizations, amongst them those that oppose the very existence of the State of Israel, that work on informing on IDF soldiers and in promoting boycotts of the state and its institutions). This propaganda activity, which employs and provides compensation for many Israelis, skews public opinion towards the arguments of the left and towards the positions of the governments who provide the funding. Seminars are run for thousands of citizens and political activists, many of them from Shas (additional useful details on the 'Geneva' website). The Initiative also 'sells its goods' in schools, colleges, universities, and even in the IDF.
This week the Ministerial Committee for Legislation approved the submission of the "NGO Law" to the Knesset. The initiators of the bill, Ayelet Shaked and Robert Ilatov, didn't think to include the activities of the Geneva Initiative, or Peace Now and its branches, and it is good that they didn't. However, this is one example amongst many, of how foreign funding can take control of the political discourse and result in a crude subversion of the checks and balances in Israeli democracy.