Sustaining an Israeli-Palestinian Political Dialogue

In January, a Geneva Initiative delegation of Israeli Members of Knesset and former security officials met in Ramallah with senior PA officials and civil society activists. They talked about recent political developments and what is being done on each side in order to break the current political impasse and to encourage their leadership to negotiate a peace agreement based on the Two-State Solution.


In the absence of formal peace talks, these meetings become all the more important. They help us keep open channels of communication and build bridges between the two societies. As one Palestinian participant said after the meeting: “These encounters act as a reminder that the Two-State Solution Camps on both sides are strong and active, and committed to working together. This cooperation makes success so much more achievable”.
In 2018, we remain committed to holding regular bilateral meetings between high-level Israelis and Palestinians, and to continue to demonstrate to people on both sides that they have partners for peace.