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Swedish governing Social Democrats adopt Resolution supporting GI, 3.11.05


Swedish governing Social Democrats adopt Resolution supporting GI, 3.11.05
A new chance for peace in the Middle East

Statement adopted by the Social Democratic Congress in Malmo 2005.

After a period of calm in the Middle East, violence has once again erupted.  The conflict affects security in the world as a whole. We want to see a peaceful solution to the conflict between two states, Israel and Palestine, within secure and recognised borders.

The occupation by Israel must cease. The evacuation of the Israeli settlements in Gaza was a welcome first step. This must be followed up with measures that make it possible for the inhabitants in Gaza to travel without hinder both to the West Bank and across the border to Egypt. During the next step the settlements in the West Bank should also be phased out.

Israel as the stronger party has a special responsibility for a new start in the peace process. Genuine negotiations must be initiated – unilateral decisions do not provide for sustainable solutions.

The so called Geneva-initiative, an independent peace proposal put forward by  Israelis and Palestinians offers opportunities. So too the declaration of the Arab summit meeting in Beirut in 2002 on a complete recognition of Israel in conjunction with the end of the occupation.

The statement by the president in Iran to the effect that Israel should be wiped off the face of the earth is completely unacceptable. The questioning of the state of Israel's right to exist must be forcefully condemned.

The agenda in the Map for Peace put forward by the USA, Russia, the EU and the UN secretariat should be updated in order to provide a new boost to international actions for peace. Negotiations must build on the UN resolutions 242 and 338. A just solution to the problem of refugees is necessary.

Both parties must take immediate action to restore trust. The Palestinians must take effective action to prevent new acts of terror and violence against Israeli civilians. Israel must carry through the promised release of Palestinian prisoners and refrain from making it difficult to carry out the national Palestinian elections set for January 2006.

The Palestinians must carry through the democratic process that has been started. Parliamentary elections have not been held since 1996 and Fattah have not held a congress since 1989. On these questions parties and other actors in the surrounding area have a large role to play.

An expanded international presence is needed in the areas currently under occupation. The European Union should act in favour in such proposals. As a neighbour, a large provider of aid and a member of the international quartet behind The Map for Peace, the EU has a special responsibility to conduct a forceful diplomacy in order to start up the peace process. A priority in the EU resolutions to the Middle East should be to work for human rights and for the principals of International Law, something which should be underlined in discussions with Israel on a treaty of association.

Women and children, farmers and students - all those living in the area must be able to feel safe from bombs and bullets. Israel has said that security is the reason for the construction of the barrier - the wall with the electrified fence. Everything built on Palestinian land must be pulled down. Long term security is built on long term solutions based on negotiation.