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Swiss FM Clamy-Rey: Geneva Initiative represents solutions to many problems in Mid-Eas

By: Kuwait News Agency

Date: 23.3.2009

Swiss Foreign Minister Micheline Calmy-Reey said Monday that the Geneva initiative brings about a number of solutions to the Mid-East problems.
Responding to a question from the Kuwait News Agency (KUNA) on the developments in the Mid-East and whether the Geneva Initiative can de-block the situation, Clamy-Rey said that it was not the task of the Geneva Initiative to de-block developments.
The Initiative, she added, goes into the details of the solutions and it is up to the parties concerned to be inspired by the solutions presented in it.
However, she added that so far we did not enter that phase of the negotiations which is something regrettable.
On the Durban Review conference slated for 20-24 April, Clamy-Rey said that Racism and anti-Semitism are serious and delicate matters, and expressed belief that her country saw the possibility to obtain results, and stressed that it is important that the banner Geneva is not associated with a failure and this is why the Swiss delegation is extremely motivated and will continue to do so for the success of the conference.
Addressing the Swiss Press Club in Geneva, Clamy-Rey, the Swiss Foreign Minister said that the Geneva justice acted in a very proper manner concerning the case of Hanibal Qaddafi and his wife, and said that there is word of filing a civil complaint from the Libyan part, and I am waiting for its presentation to clarify matters.
On issue of banking secrecy, Calmy-Rey re-iterated the position of the Federal Council of March 13 and said that Switzerland would like to see the application of international standards on all financial centers as it is applied on Switzerland, which is the 7th world financial center.
On 14 March the Swiss Ministry of Finance said that it wishes to clarify the fact that the Federal Council's decision to adopt the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD) standard on administrative assistance in tax matters in accordance with Art. 26 of the OECD Model Tax Convention does not constitute "the end of bank secrecy".
The Ministry added that the Federal Council has stated on several occasions that Switzerland has no intention of relinquishing bank secrecy.
On 13 March the Swiss federal Council said that it wishes to improve cooperation with other countries in the area of tax offences and is prepared to enter into dialogue with third countries on the taxation of savings income.