The Geneva Initiative on the Bar

Over a hundred young Israelis came to meet the Geneva Initiative's Ayed Atmawi, who came all the way from Ramallah to tell them about his experiences as a young Palestinian peace activist who lives under the Israeli occupation and works to promote the two-state solution.


The meeting was held at a popular bar in Tel-Aviv, and was attended by a very diverse group of Israelis who do not normally get to meet Palestinians for an open and genuine discussion. They were curious to hear about the day to day challenges Palestinians are facing, but also asked him about the "big issues": do young Palestinians support peace? what are they doing to promote it? Ayed told the group about the Geneva Initiative's peace promoting activities in Palestine, and invited them to come to Ramallah and meet some of the many Palestinians working relentlessly to promote the two-state solution.

In addition to the people who attended, the event's Facebook page reached thousands of Israelis, with many liking it, expressing interest and commenting on it, thus generating a lively discussion on the subject matter.

This successful meeting was organized by Palestinian and Israeli alumni of the Geneva Initiative programming, who, after learning together about the history of the conflict and ways to solve it, were motivated to inform more people in their communities about the other side's perspective and stress the urgency of ending the conflict. They envisage this to be the first in a series of similar meetings across Israel and the West Bank, that will give Palestinians and Israelis who otherwise do not get to interact a chance to meet, talk, listen, and see that unlike what they have been told, there remains a partner for peace on the other side.