Geneva Initiative Annexes
Geneva Initiative Annexes


The Geneva Initiative welcomes Secretary Kerry's speech

The Geneva Initiative warmly welcomes Secretary Kerry's speech. In recent months, we have persistently advocated for the Obama administration to present parameters for peace, and were pleased to learn that this suggestion was embraced.
It is true that this speech could have been much more impactful had it been carried out earlier. Still, its importance cannot be overstated. Together with UNSCR 2334 on settlements, in the past week not only did the international community accurately and publicly identify the persisting problems, challenges and barriers to peace; it also pointed to the solution: credible negotiations on all final status issues, leading to a permanent peace agreement based on the two-state solution. Kerry's six principles for peace present the only feasible and realistic way forward. In fact, the exact six principles were agreed to by Israelis and Palestinians as part of the Geneva Initiative negotiations. This is no coincidence: despite several alarming trends and the fast changing reality in the West Bank, a Geneva Initiative style two-state agreement remains the only practical solution to the conflict.
We are encouraged by the backing of the international community, and will continue to work at full speed and on all fronts to promote a negotiated permanent status agreement which will end the violence and ensure prosperity for both Israelis and Palestinians.