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The Likud will regret not accepting the Geneva Initiative today

By Ben Dror Yemini, Maariv

via Maariv News - translation by Geneva Initiative staff (to read the article in Hebrew click here)
Senior reporter Dror Ben Yemini writes "Today Likud rejects with contempt the Clinton parameters and the Geneva Initiative. In a decade the Likud will regret about what they are turning down today".
"Netanyahu's Bar Ilan speech started a serious debate: Did he really mean "two states for two people" or was he just paying lip service? The Bar Ilan speech was not the only one. There was another speech in the Knesset last May. During that speech Netanyahu presented six principles: End of conflict, solution to the Palestinian refugee problem in the Palestinian state and not Israel, demilitarized Palestinian state, united Jerusalem and annexation of settlement blocks to Israel. These are principles that can lead to an agreement between both people. These are principles that are close, even if not identical, to the Geneva Initiative, and they are getting close to the Clinton parameters.
Two decades ago the slogan of "two states for two people" belonged to "Rakach" (The Communist party). The labor party opposed it. Today it is the formal position of the leader of the Likud party and Prime Minister of Israel. The right wing turned down the "London agreement" in 1987 by Shimon Peres. Today the Likud would have warmly accepted it. Now the Likud is turning down with contempt the Clinton parameters and the Geneva initiative. In a decade, the Likud will regret what it is turning down today.