The view from Gaza: Geneva Initiative seminar for youth leaders

In January, the Palestinian Peace Coalition-Geneva Initiative held a 2-day capacity building seminar for a group of 54 young Palestinian leaders from Gaza.

The group met with speakers from different political groups and parties, including Mamon Swedan, senior advisor to President Abbas and Izzat Qasem a women and youth's rights activist. They learned about the current political situation in Gaza and recent developments with regard to the internal Palestinian reconciliation process; and discussed different scenarios and aspects related to the Peace Process: barriers to peace with Israel, prospects for the two-state solution and the future of Gaza under a peace agreement.

Special attention was devoted to exploring factors that hinder Palestinian youth participation in the political process and the democratic process, and providing the participants with nessecary tools and knowledge to more actively engage in the public sphere, through training in the fields of public speaking, debate and negotiations.