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The Week's Most Important Pieces on Israel/Palestine

GI, 28.10.05

Welcome to the newest feature of geneva-accord.org, a list of the most important articles, statements and opinion pieces on the conflict each week.  Read, learn, enjoy and please send us any feedback you might have.  Also, please note that the views and opinions expressed in the following pieces do not necessarily reflect the position of the Geneva Initiative.
1)  Wolfensohn Letter: Articles on Wolfensohn's letter stating that Israel is dragging its feet in Gaza.
2)  GI Responding to Iran's President: Compiled coverage of the events and reaction from both the Palestinian Authority and the Geneva Initiative.
3)  Latest Coverage of Run-Up to PA Elections: Compilation including PA plans on militias, Hamas participation and an Israeli editorial.
4)  Syria/Lebanon Update: Official UN updates on the implementation UNSCR 1559 and Martin Indyk on the Mehlis investigation.
5)  There is a Message: Where is the Messenger?: Naiomi Chazan in Dar Al Hayat on the popularity of peace and its need for a voice.
6)  Another Such Victory: Ze'ev Schiff on Israel's "victory" against the Intifida.
7)  For Abbas, Disarmament Requires Hope: ATFP's Rafaat Dijani with illuminating polling data on the Palestinian public.
8)  Enough Palestinian Cars: Gideon Levy on separate roadways in the West Bank.
9)  Lovers of Israel?: Tongue in cheek take on the US evangelical right and Israeli politics in Yedioth.
10)  Law and Order: Jordan Times editorial on the need for order in Gaza.
11)  Senior Republican Officials Criticize US Foreign Policy: Collection of American pieces providing a wider view into one of the key players in the conflict.