There is a partner

So almost 50% of Gazans support armed conflict to end the Israeli occupation? At first glance, this figure may seem concerning, but concurrently, the same opinion poll reveals that half of Palestinians still believe in a two-state solution. How do we make sense of this?

With no formal peace process in place and marginal efforts to bring both sides to the negotiating table, we are at a standstill. It is no wonder that amid this situation that levels of frustration and hopelessness are partnered with calls for violent action.

“The window of opportunity is still open and most Palestinians still agree to the two-state solution, while recognizing the rights of both people,” Gadi Baltiansky, Director-General of the Geneva Initiative tells the Jerusalem Post, “a serious political process is not only critical, it is urgent.”

The conclusion is clear: the Palestinian public is a partner for peace. We must act now.

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