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TIME Magazine: Opposition Head Tzipi Livni on GI campaign:"this is good"

By Karl Vick, with reporting by Aaron J. Klein, Jerusalem; TIME Magazine


Extract from TIME Magazine relating to the Geneva Initiative campaign:

A few days before leaving for Washington, chief Palestinian negotiator Saeb Erekat looked into a camera. “Shalom to you in Israel,” he said. “I know we have disappointed you.” In a bold, not to say desperate, bid to rouse ordinary Israelis, seven senior Palestinian officials addressed themselves to Israel directly in online videos. Each clip concludes with the words “I am your partner. Are you mine?” The videos spoke straight to the core doubt of the huge Israeli majority who in poll after poll say a two-state solution is best but are dubious that it will ever happen because the Palestinians won’t play ball. “During the elections, a lot of people told me there is no partner on the other side,” says Tzipi Livni, head of the opposition Kadima Party and a former Foreign Minister. She clicks on the video spots with evident relish. “This is good,” she says. Gadi Baltiansky, of the pro-peace Geneva Initiative that made the videos, argues that the moderate Palestinians in them will not be around much longer.

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