Tour of Greater Jerusalem for Senior Party Activists

In late August, Col. (res.) Shaul Arieli led a tour of the greater Jerusalem area for some 60 senior political activists from across the political spectrum, including from the coalition parties Likud and Kulanu, and the opposition parties Yesh Atid, the Zionist Union and the Joint List. 


The tour helped illustrate the territorial, political, and demographic situation in the area. It also allowed the participants to see for themselves the impact of settlement activity and the barrier; and enhanced their understanding of proposed border solutions to the conflict.
Participants came from across the country, with some of them traveling all the way from distant cities in Northern and Southern Israel. Others were Jerusalemites who actually reside in settlements in the greater Jerusalem area. "I've lived here all my life and have given a lot of thought to the future of this city", one of them said after the tour, "but this experience opened my eyes: turns out that what I consider as 'Jerusalem' – meaning, the Jewish neighborhoods, will actually stay on the Israeli side under a Geneva Initiative style two-state solution".