Training on Water and Environment for Palestinian Mayors and City Councilmembers

On February 3 and 4, the Palestinian Peace Coalition-Geneva Initiative (PPC-GI) hosted a training workshop on water and environment in Ramallah.

PPC-GI organized a training workshop on the subjects of water and environment and and their importance to the peace process, which was held over two days in Rocky Hotel in Ramallah.  More than 20 participants, including mayors and city council members from Jericho and the Jordan Valley and Toubas Governorate, participated. 

The training on water was run by Dr. Abdel Rahman Tamimi and the trianing on environment was run by Mr. Muhamad Saed Hmaidi.  They presented a comprehensive overview ofthe general situation of water and environment in the Palestinian Territories and the region, highlighting their importance for the citizens and the local councils and for peace in our area.  They also highlighted the importance of safeguarding and protecting important natural resources for humankind.  Moreover, the trainers provided their views regarding negotiations on water and environment and the difficulties and risks posed by the current situation.   

During the workshop, these important issues were discussed in a participatory manner.  Local representatives presented their experiences and exchanged ideas on the management of these sectors in their local councils.   

Mr. Nidal Foqaha, Director of PPC-GI provided an overview of PPC and the activities implemented by PPC.  He emphasized that such workshops will be repeated.  The workshop was organized and managed by Mr. Isam Akel, head of the Union of Local Authorities in the Territories.

This workshop came as a continuation of a two day workshop on same subjects organized several weeks ago in the Jericho Resort Village, where the participants discussed obstacles and difficulties confronting water and environment and presented several constructive ideas on how to protect and safeguard them.