Two-day Seminar for Leading Women in Israel

On November 11 and 12, the Geneva Initiative hosted a two-day seminar in Ramat Gan for more than twenty-five leading women from various parties across the political spectrum in Israel.


At the seminar, participants--including heads of NGOs, associations and civil society organizations--discussed the peace process and explored ways to increase women's role in decision-making processes relating to the conflict, as well as ways to increase women’s involvement in politics broadly.
Speakers included refugee expert Israela Oron and settlements expert Talia Sasson. Adina Bar Shalom (Shas, granddaughter of Rabbi Ovadia Yosef) and Orit Zuaretz (Kadima) led a panel discussion moderated by senior political commentator Maya Bengal (TV Channel 1, Ma’ariv, NRG).
The seminar included a tour to areas of the Jerusalem envelope illustrating GI’s proposed border solution led by GI representative Col. (Res.) Shaul Arieli.
Adina Bar Shalom (Shas) and Orit Zuaretz (Kadima) address participants.

Leading women from various political parties in Israel at GI's seminar in Ramat Gan.