August 2012: View the 2012 status of the West Bank Barrier by Col. (res.) Shaul Arieli    
May 2012: Paper by Colette Avital, veteran of Israel's Ministry of Foreign Affairs and former member of Knesset, discusses the importance of the peace process in the Israel Journal of Foreign Relations.  
July 2010: Lecture given by Shaul Arieli at a conference held by The Tami Steinmetz Center for Peace Research on "Maps and Cartography in the Israeli-Arab Dialogue - Non institutional Proposals to Define the Border between Israel and Palestine".  
December 2009: Letter by 24 Former German Diplomats to Chancellor Merkel and FM Westerwelle
July 2009: Statement by Jewish American Organizations Regarding Construction in Jerusalem
July 2009: Israel Policy Forum - After Cairo and Iran: Next Steps for US Diplomacy in the Middle East, reference to Geneva Accord
May 2009: Updated Demographic Statistics regarding the Population Residing in Israel and the Occupied Territories
January 2008: National Interreligious Leadership Initiative for Peace in the Middle East, address to President Bush
December 2007: National Interreligious Leadership Initiative
November 2007: Interreligious leaders urge US to support practical ideas reflected in the Geneva Accord
October 2007: The Genesis of the Geneva-Initiative: Degree Dissertation at the Berlin University by Elena A. Hermanns
September 2007: Five former State Department and Pentagon officials present "Guide to a Successful November International Conference" in letter to Secretary of State Rice, reference Geneva Accord
June 2007: Public Opinion in the Israeli-Palestinian Conflict: From Geneva to Disengagement to Kadima and Hamas - Professor Jacob Shamir paper for USIP
2007: Shalom 5767 (Berlin Declaration) - German Jews petition to end Palestinian-Israeli conflict on basis of Geneva Accord
July 2005: Geneva Initiative's User's Manual for how to Leave Gaza
2005: Baker Institute: Creating a Roadmap Implementation Process Under United States Leadership
May 2005: Menachem Klein: A Path to Peace: Sharon’s Disengagement Plan or the Geneva Accord?
May 2005: Socialist International Resolution supporting the Geneva Initiative: Democracy and Peace in the Middle East
May 2005: Geneva Initiative Israel ideas on 100 Days to Disengage
2004: Shaul Arieli: Disengagement, the "Seam" Zone, and Alternative Conflict Management