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Director of Foreign Relations briefing J Street U

On April 16th our Director of Foreign Relations for Geneva Initiative-Israel is briefing J Street U in Jerusalem.
16 April 2015

Tour of Jerusalem for 50 Hebrew University Students with Col. (ret.)Shaul Arieli

On April 16th Col. (ret.) Shaul Arieli is leading a tour of Jerusalem to discuss the two state solution with 50 Hebrew University students in conjunction with the Ofek student group.


17 April 2015

Advanced Political Course Celebration

On April 20th the Geneva Initiative-Israel brings together all of the graduates of our Advanced Political Course from the past years for a reunion and celebration.
20 April 2015

Director of Foreign Relations Meeting with 150 MASA participants

On April 26th the Director of Foreign Relations for Geneva Initiative-Israel is meeting with 150 Israeli MASA youth participants to give an overview of the peace process and the two state solution.


26 April 2015

Joint Israeli-Palestinian Seminar in Budapest


From April 29th-May 2nd we are hosting a joint Israeli-Palestinian seminar for political activists from across the political spectrum in Budapest.


29 April 2015