Geneva Initiative Annexes
Geneva Initiative Annexes


US State Secretary and Swiss Foreign Minister discuss the Geneva Initiative

By: Rita Emch, Swissinfo

Date: 1.08.2009

Calmy-Rey met U.S. Secretary of State, Hillary Clinton in Washington, DC on Friday


The counterparts discussed the situation in the southern Caucasus and in the Middle East, two areas where Switzerland and the US have interests.

Calmy-Rey and Clinton also discussed the Geneva Initiative, an alternative peace plan championed by Calmy-Rey. Knuchel declined to comment on whether the US had shown an interest in the proposal.

The meeting between ended without a press conference. Knuchel said that although the Swiss wanted one, Clinton's camp said time was too tight.

Calmy-Rey and Clinton last met in March, in Geneva. While in the US capital, Switzerland's foreign minister also met Don Beyer, the incoming US ambassador to Bern.