May 2010 Poll: 64% of Israelis and 61% of Likud voters believe it is urgent for Israel that the talks with the Palestinians resume

The War and Peace Index is written by Prof. Tamar Hermann and Prof. Ephraim Yaar, and funded by the Evans Program for Conflict Resolution Research of Tel Aviv University and The Israel Democracy Institute. The poll was conducted on 3-4 May 2010, and sampled 518 interviewees. Maximum margin of error is 4.5%.


o Israeli public’s estimation of countries’ degree of friendship toward Israel concluded the following findings:

66.5% of the Israeli public viewed the United States as a friendly country after it comes Germany (about 52%), much lower are France (about 39%) and, after it, Britain (about 32%), which in the past was second to the United States in perceived degree of friendship toward Israel. Far behind comes Russia with only 19% viewing it as friendly.
o 73% of the Israeli public says that no matter what Israel does or how far it goes toward resolving the conflict with the Palestinians, the world will continue to be critical of Israel.
o 64% from the overall public think it is urgent for Israel that the talks with the Palestinians resume. Below the segmentation by parties:

87% of voters for Kadima
80% of voters for Meretz
77% of voters for Labor
61% of voters for Likud
o Does PM Netanyahu genuinely want peace and is he taking real measures to reach an agreement with the Palestinians?
From the Israeli public 45.5% answered yes to this question, whereas 43% answered no. From the Arab Israeli public 72% answered no.
o Segmentation by voting in the 2009 elections shows the following findings with regard to those who most believe or don’t believe in Netanyahu’s intentions to reach a peace agreement:
Those most sure of PM Netanyahu’s intentions are Shas voters at 83% followed by National Religious Party – Mafdal at 75%, Likud voters at 72.5%, among Labor voters the rate is 51% and those least believing in PM Netanyahu’s intentions are Meretz voters with 15%.