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Why I Support the Geneva Initiative

By Avi Shaked, 15.01.08

The Geneva Initiative is a joint Israeli-Palestinian effort that suggests a detailed model for a peace agreement to end the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. This proposal is based on the Clinton plan of December 2000, which was accepted by the Israeli government. The Geneva Accord was signed in 2003, and was very popular both in the international media and in Israel.
The talks preceding this initiative were held between teams of Israeli and Palestinian professionals and politicians. After 100 years of violent conflict between Israelis and Palestinians, this initiative outlines a practical and agreed option of solving the conflict and signing a peace agreement.
In order to lead a civilian and public move that would free the area from the blood trap it is in, non-governmental organizations from both sides have joined forces to promote this initiative. Since the agreement was finalized, an educational-informational effort was done by both Israelis and Palestinians to enlist a majority that would lead both parties to negotiations and a final agreement.
The Geneva Initiative headquarters continue to be active in public, educational and informational activity. Every month, meetings are held between Palestinians and Israelis in which the initiative's principles are presented along with the need for the public to act accordingly.
Together with out Palestinian partners, it is important that we show that both people have their central powers enjoying wide public support and raising the banner for a painful but necessary compromise – necessary to preserve the real national interests of both Israelis and Palestinians.