Women Driving Reconciliation Project

Over the course of the month approximately 50 leading women from across the political spectrum, both secular and religious, spanning a broad age-range and in various positions of influence convened in intensive sessions to learn about our new approach on how to promote reconciliation between the two peoples, even in the absence of a formal peace process. . Through educational lectures by our female experts, Israela Oron, former deputy national security adviser, Talia Sasson, former senior attorney at the Ministry of Justice and Dr. Einat Ronen, expert on transitional justice partnered with lively debates, the women were exposed to a new joint Israeli - Palestinian effort in the field of reconciliation.

In the coming months the dozens of leading Israeli women will meet Palestinian counterparts and will explore together the ways to maximize the power of women in both societies and their ability to lead a future of peace, security and reconciliation. This is just the start of our efforts to build a cadre of inspiring women who will inject life back into the status quo.