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Women from Shas meet with Palestinian women

On June 9, GI held a meeting between 15 Palestinian women and 15 Israeli religious women from the Shas party.


This activity is a result of follow up to a GI seminar (held in March) for religious women affiliated with the Shas party in which the women requested to meet with Palestinian women.

The joint meeting took place in Jerusalem and continued for several hours during which the women aired their grievances and thought of the contribution that each of them can make towards peace.
For most of the women this was a first-time encounter and discussion with people from the “other side”.
The afternoon was facilitated by Adv. Talia Sasson and Ms. Fadwa El Shaer.

A first-time encounter between Israeli and Palestinian women at the Geneva Initiative meeting




This activity was made possible by the Spanish Cooperation Office – AECID