Workshop for Palestinian and Israeli Female Activists

In September, we ran a workshop in Ramallah for a group of Israeli and Palestinian women. The Participants included political activists, Palestinian Authority workers, women's rights activists and other opinion leaders, all graduates of our special programming for women in Israel and Palestine. 


The women, who came from all across Israel and the West Bank to meet each other in Ramallah, discussed the current political situation on both sides, focusing on barriers to peace such as ongoing violence, dehumanization of the other side and incitement. Then, they were asked to reflect together on the role of women such as themselves in conflict mitigation and peace promotion. They spoke about how children on both sides are being taught from an early age that the 'other' is to be feared. This has to stop, they said, and discussed ways in which they can bring forth such a structural change by working together and separately, each one within her respective circle of influence.    
This training was made possible through the generous support of the American people through the United States Agency for International Development.