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Geneva Initiative Annexes


Yediot Ahronot quote GI Poll: 70% for endgame agreement

By Itamar Aichner, Yediot Ahronot, 13.02.07 

70% Support an Endgame Agreement with the Palestinians
70% of the Israeli public prefers negotiations for a final status agreement with the Palestinians, and not a tentative ceasefire or an interim process.
These are the findings of a poll conducted by HaGal HaHadash, commissioned by the Geneva Initiative. 33% believe that PM Ehud Olmert will politically benefit from such a process. 64% believe that Abu Mazen (Abbas) is the desirable partner for negotiations.
Geneva Initiative Director-General, Gadi Baltiansky: "the poll shows that the public understands that a permanent status agreement is the only solution".