Young Israeli and Palestinian Activists Meet for Evening of Dialogue

In late August we organized for twenty young Israeli and Palestinian actvists to meet for an evening of dialogue.

Despite the frozen peace process, with no renewal of peace talks in sight, with the Israeli opposition failing to present an alternate vision and the international community focused on other issues, this was exactly the right time to organize an evening of dialogue for over 20 young Israeli and Palestinian political and social activists. The participants discussed the fact that despite the lack of public debate on the issue, the ground is burning and every day friction and violent incidents are taking place which could escalate at any moment. We discussed the role of young people from both sides in changing public opinion and generating public pressure on the leaderships to promote a peace agreement.

In small intimate groups, the participants discussed the different issues which affect their daily lives and the conflict. They discussed the costs of living and the connection between the conflict and social policy; about their personal experiences as political and peace activists in a complex reality; about working within and without the established political structures; as well as the core issues of the conflict, such as living alongside settlements, restrictions on movement in the West Bank, the possibility of removing settlements within a peace deal, and many other issues. At the end of the meeting, we agreed to keep the dialogue going and to arrange many more meetings like this one. All of the participants returned home energized to keep up their work.

The meeting was organized with the support of the European Union’s Partnership for Peace.