Young Israeli and Palestinian Activists Meet in Jericho

On December 20th, the Geneva Initiative held a joint meeting with 50 young Israeli and Palestinian activists in Jericho to discuss ways to enhance momentum towards continued peace negotiations in both communities.

“It is your future” — said Nidal Foqaha, Director General of PPC-GI, at the end of the day-long meeting in Jericho with 50 Palestinian and Israeli young political leaders.

For several hours, the participants discussed the role of the international community in peace talks, the future of Hamas in Palestinian Politics, the Israeli elections and hope for continued negotiations and much more. While the atmosphere was at times charged with emotion on these tense subjects, the young leaders respectfully shared their views and questions while listening and engaging with other perspectives.

At the end of the seminar, the participants expressed interest in further follow-up talks with one participant saying that he "sees hope despite the darkness".

The meeting was organized with the support of the European Union Partnership for Peace.