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Young Leaders from Israel and Palestine meet for a weekend Seminar

In June, a group of young Palestinians and Israelis decided to take a break from the never-ending blame game and spend some time together listening to one another, hearing what experts think about the solvability of the conflict, and even learning from the experiences of people affected by other conflicts.


The annual Geneva Initiative-Konrad Adenauer Stiftung Israel seminar was held over the course of three days, in Cyprus. Discussions focused on the core issues of the conflict, recent political developments in Israel and Palestine and their implications for the peace process, the situation in Gaza and the anticipated American Peace Plan. They were  led by two experts on the conflict and the peace process: Brigadier General (Ret.) Ilan Paz, former head of the IDF Civil Administration and currently the Director General of “Breaking the Impasse”; and Jamal Zakout, senior Palestinian political and former peace negotiator. 

In this seminar, participants got a unique chance to meet, connect and see from up close what people from “the other side” are like. With fresh insights and newly formed personal connections, as they go back to their homes across Israel and the West Bank, we know that they are going to spread the message of peace throughout their communities.

It is thanks to such people-to-people meetings that we can say that with confidence: Whether in Ramallah, Jerusalem, Bat Yam or Jericho, Palestinians and Israelis have partners for peace.