Young Leadership Convention

On November 18 and 19, the Geneva Initiative hosted its second annual Young Leadership Convention with youth representatives from Likud, Labor, Kadima, Shas, Meretz.
The event--the second annual meeting of its kind--brought together youth representatives from a broad spectrum of political parties.
A number of prominent journalists, including Avi Issacharoff, the Palestinian and Arab Affairs Correspondent for Haaretz, addressed the group, which numbered approximately 100.
Shaul Mofaz (MK, Kadima), Avishai Braverman (MK and Minister for Strategic Affairs, Labor), Chaim Oron (MK and Head of Party, Meretz) also spoke.
In his speech, Mofaz said that the building freeze "has become a precondition for negotiations, although not progress whatsoever has been made in the negotiation." The former IDF chief warned that if Israel agreed to another 90-day construction moratorium, as requested by the American administration, "after these three months are over it will be asked to accept another freeze and another freeze." He stressed that "we will not pull through before a decision is made on stabilizing the borders and the security arrangements."
Oron said that "the only partner we have in the world is the Palestinian partner. We must accept an exchange of land at a 1:1 ratio within the 1967 borders, and understand that Jerusalem will have two capitals for both people." He stressed that it would be crucial to come up with a solution for the refugee problem as an essential part of the conflict, and that the solution would be the refugees' return to the Palestinian state rather than to the State of Israel.
The event was covered in YNet news (click here to access the article) and the Jerusalem Post (click here to access the article).

Avishai Braverman (Labor) addresses the group.
Over one hundred young leaders from various political parties in Israel attended the two-day event.
Chaim Oron (Meretz) says "The only partner we have in the world is the Palestinian partner."
Shaul Mofaz (Kadima) calls for "big moves."
GI Israel Director General Gadi Baltiansky.
Michal Biran (Labor)