Young Political Activist Seminar

On September 27 & 28, we held a two-day seminar for young political activists from Likud, Kadima and Labor party, which included a visit to Ramallah.
The seminar included twenty-five party activists from Likud, Kadima and Labor party. The seminar began with a tour in Ramallah, where participants met with senior Palestinians in Ramallah.

Following the tour in Ramallah, the seminar continued with lectures by Col. (res.) Shaul Arieli, who discussed the history of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict and the peace process. Dr. Yossi Beilin, Chairman of the Geneva Initiative, spoke to the group about the steps that led to the signing of the Geneva Accords and its relevance today. Member of Knesset Daniel Ben-Simon discussed the socio-economic effects of the conflict and the political stagnation on the Israeli side.

In the evening, we organized an American style debate with a Labor and Likud activist. This created intense discussions on the core issues of the conflict and engaged all participants in focusing on the issues surrounding the peace process.

The seminar also received media coverage in Ynet website by Elior Levy later that day:

"Israel's leadership has defined the Palestinian request for recognition as an independent state as one-sided, but today, Palestinian officials showed support for a two-state solution during a Geneva Initiative seminar with Israeli young political activists from the left and moderate right in Ramallah. The group conducted an open discussion on the political deadlock and discussed ways and possibilities to kick start the process. Gathering such as these are not trivial events these days, and they would not occur without the approval of Abbas' office. "It just proves that the PA does not take one-sided steps, it's interested in hearing the next generation of Israeli politicians," said one Palestinian participant.