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Youth Raise Hands for Peace

Palestinian Peace Coalition, Youth Raise Hands for Peace
On August 5, the Geneva Initiative organized a youth camp at Alfar’ah Center. Fifty-five Palestinian university students & activists attended.


Youth Raise Hands for Peace, Palestinian Peace Coalition
Participants at the three-day camp

The Geneva Initiative's Palestinian office organized a 3-day youth camp in Alfar’ah Center for approximately 55 university students and political activists.

The activity which was convened in partnership with the Spanish Cooperation Office “AECID,” came as a follow up to the youth camp “Youth Can Make a Change” held in Ramallah at the end of June.

Participants discussed how to develop peace building skills by listening to others and accepting them. The participants exchanged ideas and experiences and expressed their dream and determination to live in peace and prosperity.

Some ideas that came out of the youth camp:

  • Youth can play an important role to boost the concept of peace, non-violence and forgiveness in the Palestinian society.
  • It's important that youth take part in the bottom up approach towards peace building while politicians approach peace and justice from the top.
  • People should accept to deal with each other even if they don't agree. Dialogue and communication are key.
  • Listening to each other and accepting others' beliefs can have a strong impact in peace building.

Youth Raise Hands for Peace, Palestinian Peace Coalition

Youth Raise Hands for Peace, Palestinian Peace Coalition