Geneva Initiative Annexes
Geneva Initiative Annexes


Search Keyword 2017 Total 55 results found. Egypt and act decisively to resolve the political impasse by ensuring the full implementation of the 2017 Cairo Agreement. One thing is certain, Palestinian sovereignty and statehood will remain ...

August 15, 2018 A new poll by the Tami Stainmetz Center for Peace Research and the Palestinian Center for Policy and Survey shows that while support for the two-state solution is down, it remains th

The Geneva Initiative was delighted to send Palestinian and Israeli delegations to the international Caux Forum this year. In early July, 14 young leaders – political and social activists, youth

...nty"). The Jordan Valley will remain under Israeli control, as Netanyahu announced in October 2017 ("The Jordan Valley will always be part of the State of Israel, we will continue ...

...od Goren  January 2018  Via Mitvim (click here for the full article)   In December 2017, while the UN General Assembly voted against the American decision to recognize Jerusa...

By Herb Keinon December 27, 2017  Via the Jerusalem Post (click here for the full article)   In Beijing, Israeli and Palestinian delegations have hammered out a policy paper called &ld

7. Japan
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December 27, 2017: Are China and Japan the New Peace Process Mediators?

By Giora Inbar December 26, 2017 Via Ynet (click here for the full article) The US president was right to declare that Israel’s borders in Jerusalem would be determined in future negotiation

9. Giora
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December 26, 2017: The problem with Trump’s Jerusalem announcement

10. China
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December 17, 2017: China's Foreign Ministry Initiated Upcoming Israeli-Palestinian Meeting in Beijing

By Peter Beaumont December 9, 2017 Via the Guardian (click here for the full article) The Palestinian president, Mahmoud Abbas, is expected to reject an invitation to meet Donald Trump in Washingt

12. jer
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December 9, 2017: Palestinians to reject meeting with Trump as anger over Jerusalem rises

13. settlements and solutions
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November 30, 2017: DC think tank launches site exploring where settlers fit into peace plans  

Report from the UN General Assembly 29.11.2017 Via Reliefweb (click here for the full report)   Noting that today marked 70 years since the adoption of a United Nations resolution to parti

15. UN urges
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November 30, 2017: Speakers in UNGA Urge Greater Efforts to Realize Two-State Solution 70 Years after Adoption of Resolution Partitioning Palestine

16. new pwace plan
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November 11, 2017: Trump Team Begins Drafting Middle East Peace Plan

17. Seminar for Senior Likud Activists
(Events/Local Activities - 2017)
In November,  the Geneva Initiative held a seminar for a group of senior activitsts from the Right-wing party Likud.

Xinhua November 7, 2017   Via Xinhua (click here for the full article)   Palestine and Israel welcome China's involvement in their peace talks and are ready to work with China to fin

19. China Israel Palestine
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November 7, 2017: Israel, Palestine ready to work with China to find solution to peace process

20. Poli
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October 31, 2017: The Next Gaza: The Gaza Strip between a Dead End and a Glimmer of Hope 

Yoav (Poli) Mordechai, Michael Milstein, Yotam Amitay   October 31, 2017 Via the INSS (click here for the full article)       In recent years the Gaza Strip has undergo

 By Dov Lieber October 30, 2017 Via The Times of Israel (click here for the original article)   PA officials said to berate Kahlon on settlements; US envoy Greenblatt lauds 'important

23. Kulanu
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October 30, 2017: Finance minister holds rare meeting with Palestinian PM in Ramallah

A Geneva Initiative delegation recently traveled to Bern, Switzerland, to brief representatives from key European states about our efforts to promote peace. We talked about making peace from the bo

25. Geneva Initiative Briefing in Europe
(Events/Joint Activities - 2017)
A Geneva Initiative delegation traveled to to Bern, Switzerland, to brief representatives from key European states about our efforts to

By David M. Halbfigeroct   October 19, 2017 Via the NY Times (click here for the original article)   JERUSALEM — With Egypt brokering a reconciliation between the two rival Pal

27. American
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October 19, 2017: U.S. Works to Keep Palestinians’ Talks on Track to Aid Peace

By Reuters/ABC   13.10.2017 Via ABC News (click here for the full article)   Rival Palestinian factions Hamas and Fatah have signed a reconciliation deal after Hamas agreed to hand o

29. Reconciliation
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October 13, 2017: Egypt brokers deal between Hamas and Fatah

By Shaul Arieli October 5th, 2017   Via Haaretz   Click here for the full article (in Hebrew)   Washington must ensure a detailed framework for negotiations that gives room

October 5, 2017: Special solutions to the Palestinian-Israeli conflict

By Menachem Klein   October 3rd, 2017 Via +972 Click here for the full article  With Russian involvement, American support, and Israel’s tacit agreement, the Palestinians are t

33. klein
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October 3, 2017: Give the people what they want: Palestinians take a step toward unity

By Emanuele Giaufret September 20, 2017 Via the JerusalemPost Click here for the full article Emanuele Giaufret is the new European Union Ambassador to Israel. International Peace Da

35. EU
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September 20, 2017: New Year, New Peace: Incoming EU Ambassador speaks out for the first time

By Nimrod Goren September 18, 2017 Via the Jerusalem Post (click here for the full article) As US President Donald Trump’s emissaries continue their journeys through the Middle East searchin

37. Nimrod
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September 18, 2017: The Policy Upgrade Of The Israeli Peace Camp

38. Kushner
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August 23, 2017: Kushner already had his work cut out in the Middle East. But it just got harder

The Washington Post "Both leaders are focused on their domestic political survival,” said Gadi Baltiansky, former Israeli peace negotiator and director of the Israeli-Palestinian peace move

40. New poll: most of us are wrong
(מבזקי חדשות/מבזקי חדשות)
More than half of Israelis who support the two-state solution think that they are a minority. They are wrong. A new poll shows

By AFP, Dawn   Via Dawn (click here for full article) 07.06.2017 French President Emmanuel Macron said that he supported a two-state solution to end the Middle East conflict as he welcomed

July 6th, 2017: French President Macron backs two-state solution in Middle East

43. Russian-Speaking Israelis Discuss the Conflict
(Events/Local Activities - 2017)
The Geneva Initiative held a seminar for 25 young political activists that are members of the Russian speaking community in Israel.&nbs

By Matthew Kalman, Time Via Time (click here for full article) 06.21.2017     White House Sends Jared Kushner into Israel to Kickstart Peace Efforts   The Trump Administrati

June 21st, 2017: White House Sends Jared Kushner into Israel to Kickstart Peace Efforts

 By Amir Tibon, Barak Ravid, and Jack Khoury   19.06.2017 via Haaretz (click here for full article) Jared Kushner, President Trump's son in law and senior adviser, will visit Israel and

 By David Kurzmann (AJC)  15.06.2017 Via Detroit Free Press (click here for link)   The year 2017 is the 50th anniversary of the Six-Day War.    In Detroit’s J

May 24, 2017: Abbas Voices Commitment to Two-State Solution, Arab Peace Initiative

May 24, 2017 Abbas Voices Commitment to Two-State Solution, Arab Peace Initiative KIFAH ZIBOUN May 24, 2017 Via: ASHARQ AL-AWSAT   Bethlehem – Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas

06 June 2017: Forget negotiations, Israelis and Palestinians need an intervention

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