Geneva Initiative Annexes
Geneva Initiative Annexes


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1. Message from Ramallah
(News Room/Headlines)
 By Tal Lev-Ram, Maariv Online     In a visit to the Palestinian city, one can feel the influence of Israeli pressure on the Palestinian Authority, and the "Deal of the Centu

...involvement in the Israeli-Palestinian conflict; Japan took part in the Madrid Conference and in the Oslo Accords process. The peace program that Glassman participated in has been running for over 20 ...

...iative, January 2019 Read the Haaretz article on the poll results here.   Public Opinion Survey (according to intended party alignments) – January 2019 Below are the results of a p...

"Critical work continues to be done by civil society to find common ground and to work towards resolving the conflict. Their efforts are inspiring and should be applauded and supported by all.&qu

...d questions among Palestinians as to the viability and relevance of the structures created under the Oslo Accords. Such operations disrupt the lives of civilians, increase tensions, and undermine the ...

6. Europe's Message for the US
(News Room/News - 2018)
...the capital of both states, it will fail. The statement aligns with the key principles of the Geneva Accord and also reflects our strategy on how to engage with the as yet unseen American plan: w...

Dec. 15, 2018: Australian Recognition of West Jerusalem It’s unusual for an announcement by an international actor to leave both Israelis and Palestinians disappointed. And yet, the Australian

Dec. 9, 2018: US, Israeli, Palestinian leaders more hawkish than their peoples

Yossi Beilin points out the significant gaps between political leadership and popular opinion among Israelis, Palestinians, and Americans on Al-Monitor. For the full article, click here.

A day we don’t do something to promote peace is a wasted day. We were excited to host speakers from Northern Ireland who came with an important reminder: Conflicts can be resolved. Or in t

11. Introducing the Two-State Coalition
(News Room/Headlines)
In April 2018, the Geneva Initiative launched the Two State Coalition project – a program aimed at institutionalizing and consolidating the efforts of the Israeli and Palestinian peace organizat

12. There is only one solution: two states
(News Room/In The Media)
August 30, 2018: There is only one solution: two states By Noam Rabinovich, Jerusalem Post Noam Rabinovich, Geneva Initiative's foreign relations director, writes in the Jerusalem Post: "Suppor

August 15, 2018 A new poll by the Tami Stainmetz Center for Peace Research and the Palestinian Center for Policy and Survey shows that while support for the two-state solution is down, it remains th

August 6, 2018: Gaza-Israel conflict: What is happening and why does it matter? By Bel Trew, The Indepndent   United Nations has urged both sides to 'step back from the brink of war' –

The Geneva Initiative was delighted to send Palestinian and Israeli delegations to the international Caux Forum this year. In early July, 14 young leaders – political and social activists, youth

(News Room/In The Media)
July 8, 2018: Palestinians fear recent aid cuts could expand

...e settlement of the conflict but also reversed the progress achieved by his predecessors.   According to various sources, Trump's "ultimate deal" will include the following&nbs...

18. Shaulll
(News Room/In The Media)
June 24, 2018: Trump's New Deal for the Middle East and Netanyau's fingerprints interpreted in Israel as a change of attitude in Saudi Arabia toward the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. According to Channel 10, the Saudi crown prince told Jewish leaders in the United States that ...

20. yuval
(News Room/In The Media)
May 15, 2018: The New Israeli Illusion: Peace with the Arab World without the Palestinians 

21. Geneva Initiative Conference
(News Room/Headlines)
For more about the conference, click here.

22. Conference: 25 years since Oslo
(Events/Local Activities - 2018)
...erence in memory of Ron Pundak, one of the key architects of the Oslo peace process as well as the Geneva Accord. Baltiansky said at the conference, that focused on 25 years to Oslo process: “we...

23. yos
(News Room/In The Media)
April 3, 2018: Israel faces historic decision as new population figures emerge

24. Israeli-Palestinian Working Group on Water
(Events/Joint Activities - 2018)
Building on the Geneva Initiative’s work on the issue of Water (which has resulted inter alia in the Water Annex),

25. The Geneva Initiative at NYU
(Events/Local Activities - 2018) from Oslo to Geneva” at a New York University conference on the occasion of 25 years to the Oslo Accords. For more details, read the news article Why Oslo’s legacy should not be dismiss...

26. ron l
(News Room/In The Media)
March 18, 2018: Israel’s Self-Inflicted Wounds

27. Jer
(News Room/In The Media)
March 15, 2018: Palestinians May Finally Join Jerusalem Elections. The US and Israel Should Help Them 

28. How They Made Abbas the Enemy of Peace
(News Room/Op Ed - 2018)
...lfour Street, and I wondered how they managed to turn Abbas into the ultimate enemy of peace, a terrorist according to some. And not a conventional terrorist, God forbid, but a terrorist when it comes...

29. Odeh
(News Room/In The Media)
March 12, 2018: How They Made Abbas the Enemy of Peace whatever US President Donald Trump proposes in the context of his long-awaited Middle East peace plan, according to a Thursday report.   The report in the the privately-owned Egyptian news...

31. Arab
(News Room/In The Media)
March 9, 2018: Arabs advising Abbas to accept Trump peace plan or risk losing out — report

32. Ramadan
(News Room/In The Media)
March 8, 2018: 'People Are Ready': Breaking Taboo, Palestinian Parties to Run in Israeli Election in Jerusalem

33. NSL
(News Room/In The Media)
March 2, 2018: Statement by National Security Leaders on an Israeli-Palestinian Two-State Solution and U.S. Policy 

34. JC UN
(News Room/In The Media)
February 22, 2018: Jimmy Carter warns against one-state for Israel-Palestine 

35. UN abbas
(News Room/In The Media)
February 22, 2018: At UN, Abbas urges multilateral peace effort, lays out plan for talks

...ations. They talked about different solutions to the core issues, including those suggested by the Geneva Accord, and shared with the students their own experience as peace promoters. ...

...ations. They talked about different solutions to the core issues, including those suggested by the Geneva Accord, and shared with the students their own experience as peace promoters.   ...

...e they should participate in the city’s municipal elections, while only 14 percent oppose doing so, according to a new poll.  The respondents who supported voting in municipal elections t...

39. EJ
(News Room/In The Media)
February 15, 2018: Despite Official Boycott, Over Half of East Jerusalem's Palestinians Want to Vote in City Elections

40. Jerusalem: facts vs. fiction
(Polls/Israeli Polls)
... agree that Jerusalem is already divided into two cities - the eastern city and the western city. This is according to the latest results of the Peace Index, which you can find in full here.&nbsp...

41. PLO
(News Room/In The Media)
February 4, 2018: PLO to Demand UN Security Council Recognize Palestine Within 1967 Borders

42. Goren
(News Room/In The Media)
January 31, 2018: Can China Contribute to Israeli-Palestinian Peacemaking?

43. eu and abbas
(News Room/In The Media)
January 22, 2018: Abbas Wins EU Backing for Palestinian Capital in East Jerusalem

44. Pence
(News Room/In The Media)
January 22, 2018: Pence Says U.S. Must Play ‘Preeminent’ Role as Peace Broker

45. Japan
(News Room/In The Media)
December 27, 2017: Are China and Japan the New Peace Process Mediators?

46. Giora
(News Room/In The Media)
December 26, 2017: The problem with Trump’s Jerusalem announcement

...squo; concern about the status of Jerusalem,” a spokesperson for the Chinese Foreign Ministry said, according to China’s official news agency Xinhua. The spokesperson, Lu Kang, added that ...

48. China
(News Room/In The Media)
December 17, 2017: China's Foreign Ministry Initiated Upcoming Israeli-Palestinian Meeting in Beijing

... coming holidays in a region suddenly more hostile to America.   In Jordan and elsewhere – according to reports – diplomats’ children were advised not to go to school, other...

50. jer
(News Room/In The Media)
December 9, 2017: Palestinians to reject meeting with Trump as anger over Jerusalem rises

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