Geneva Initiative Annexes
Geneva Initiative Annexes


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1. ron l
(News Room/In The Media)
March 18, 2018: Israel’s Self-Inflicted Wounds

2. Jer
(News Room/In The Media)
March 15, 2018: Palestinians May Finally Join Jerusalem Elections. The US and Israel Should Help Them 

3. How They Made Abbas the Enemy of Peace
(News Room/Op Ed - 2018)
...lfour Street, and I wondered how they managed to turn Abbas into the ultimate enemy of peace, a terrorist according to some. And not a conventional terrorist, God forbid, but a terrorist when it comes...

4. Odeh
(News Room/In The Media)
March 12, 2018: How They Made Abbas the Enemy of Peace whatever US President Donald Trump proposes in the context of his long-awaited Middle East peace plan, according to a Thursday report.   The report in the the privately-owned Egyptian news...

6. Arab
(News Room/In The Media)
March 9, 2018: Arabs advising Abbas to accept Trump peace plan or risk losing out — report

7. Ramadan
(News Room/In The Media)
March 8, 2018: 'People Are Ready': Breaking Taboo, Palestinian Parties to Run in Israeli Election in Jerusalem

8. NSL
(News Room/In The Media)
March 2, 2018: Statement by National Security Leaders on an Israeli-Palestinian Two-State Solution and U.S. Policy 

9. JC UN
(News Room/In The Media)
February 22, 2018: Jimmy Carter warns against one-state for Israel-Palestine 

10. UN abbas
(News Room/In The Media)
February 22, 2018: At UN, Abbas urges multilateral peace effort, lays out plan for talks

...ations. They talked about different solutions to the core issues, including those suggested by the Geneva Accord, and shared with the students their own experience as peace promoters. ...

...ations. They talked about different solutions to the core issues, including those suggested by the Geneva Accord, and shared with the students their own experience as peace promoters.   ...

...e they should participate in the city’s municipal elections, while only 14 percent oppose doing so, according to a new poll.  The respondents who supported voting in municipal elections t...

14. EJ
(News Room/In The Media)
February 15, 2018: Despite Official Boycott, Over Half of East Jerusalem's Palestinians Want to Vote in City Elections

15. Jerusalem: facts vs. fiction
(Polls/Israeli Polls)
... agree that Jerusalem is already divided into two cities - the eastern city and the western city. This is according to the latest results of the Peace Index, which you can find in full here.&nbsp...

16. PLO
(News Room/In The Media)
February 4, 2018: PLO to Demand UN Security Council Recognize Palestine Within 1967 Borders

17. Goren
(News Room/In The Media)
January 31, 2018: Can China Contribute to Israeli-Palestinian Peacemaking?

18. eu and abbas
(News Room/In The Media)
January 22, 2018: Abbas Wins EU Backing for Palestinian Capital in East Jerusalem

19. Pence
(News Room/In The Media)
January 22, 2018: Pence Says U.S. Must Play ‘Preeminent’ Role as Peace Broker

20. Japan
(News Room/In The Media)
December 27, 2017: Are China and Japan the New Peace Process Mediators?

21. Giora
(News Room/In The Media)
December 26, 2017: The problem with Trump’s Jerusalem announcement

...squo; concern about the status of Jerusalem,” a spokesperson for the Chinese Foreign Ministry said, according to China’s official news agency Xinhua. The spokesperson, Lu Kang, added that ...

23. China
(News Room/In The Media)
December 17, 2017: China's Foreign Ministry Initiated Upcoming Israeli-Palestinian Meeting in Beijing

... coming holidays in a region suddenly more hostile to America.   In Jordan and elsewhere – according to reports – diplomats’ children were advised not to go to school, other...

25. jer
(News Room/In The Media)
December 9, 2017: Palestinians to reject meeting with Trump as anger over Jerusalem rises

...r - not recognizing Jerusalem as the capital of Israel - that made this speech so unhelpful. The Geneva Accord illustrates how a reality in which two internationally recognized capitals reside in Je...

...t also shows possibilities and proposals of land swaps that are seen as critical to solidifying any final accord.   One potential land swap viewers can examine, for instance, is the offer for...

28. settlements and solutions
(News Room/In The Media)
November 30, 2017: DC think tank launches site exploring where settlers fit into peace plans  

29. UN urges
(News Room/In The Media)
November 30, 2017: Speakers in UNGA Urge Greater Efforts to Realize Two-State Solution 70 Years after Adoption of Resolution Partitioning Palestine

...Forum who served as foreign policy adviser to former Prime Minister Shimon Peres, who negotiated the Oslo Accords in the 1990s. “But obviously the two key questions are will Prime Minister Netan...

31. new pwace plan
(News Room/In The Media)
November 11, 2017: Trump Team Begins Drafting Middle East Peace Plan

32. China Israel Palestine
(News Room/In The Media)
November 7, 2017: Israel, Palestine ready to work with China to find solution to peace process

33. Poli
(News Room/In The Media)
October 31, 2017: The Next Gaza: The Gaza Strip between a Dead End and a Glimmer of Hope and Doron Matza argued in this context that “the Palestinian generation born after the 1993 Oslo Accord echoes the spirit of resistance that characterized the Arab Spring youth and their soci...

One of the things we like to do when we bring together Israelis and Palestinians is to let them play the role of peace negotiators – only, we ask the Israelis to represent the Palestinian sid side, the PA’s officials news agency Wafa released a detailed readout of the meeting.   According to the report, the sides discussed a series of important issues, foremost among them...

37. Kulanu
(News Room/In The Media)
October 30, 2017: Finance minister holds rare meeting with Palestinian PM in Ramallah

...s passed when Hamas is discussing the issue of recognizing Israel,” he told a group of Gaza youths, according to the Hamas-affiliated Shehab News Agency’s Arabic-language Facebook page. &l...

39. American
(News Room/In The Media)
October 19, 2017: U.S. Works to Keep Palestinians’ Talks on Track to Aid Peace

...ajor diplomatic dispute with key allies like Saudi Arabia.   But despite the reconciliation, the accord was met with negativity in Israel which said — without elaborating — that i...

41. Reconciliation
(News Room/In The Media)
October 13, 2017: Egypt brokers deal between Hamas and Fatah

... result and the rest to determine the boundaries of the territorial units adjacent to the Land of Israel, according to the considerations of the victorious superpowers, Britain and France: the Sinai P...

October 5, 2017: Special solutions to the Palestinian-Israeli conflict

...n government will have to refrain from using violence against Israel, to recognize it, to accept the Oslo Accords, and to put an end to the conflict through peace talks. It is likely that the message ...

45. klein
(News Room/In The Media)
October 3, 2017: Give the people what they want: Palestinians take a step toward unity

    In September, the Geneva Initiative held a conference on “Lessons from other Conflicts” in Jerusalem. The conference featured Cyprus expert Dr. Harry Tzimitras

47. EU
(News Room/In The Media)
September 20, 2017: New Year, New Peace: Incoming EU Ambassador speaks out for the first time

...nancial support available to these organizations, for example the recent decision by the UK Parliament to accord $4.1 million to projects where Israelis and Palestinians work together, and the US reso...

49. Nimrod
(News Room/In The Media)
September 18, 2017: The Policy Upgrade Of The Israeli Peace Camp

50. Kushner
(News Room/In The Media)
August 23, 2017: Kushner already had his work cut out in the Middle East. But it just got harder

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