Geneva Initiative Annexes
Geneva Initiative Annexes


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1. Is Israel's Legitimacy Under Challenge?
(News Room/Op Ed - 2010)
...ermanent underclass of "carriers of water and hewers of wood." It is entirely at odds with Biblical admonitions and Prophetic exhortations warning against injustices committed by the privile...

...The meeting with the Russian-speakers did not have the character of voter recruitment and did not end with an admonition about which ballot slip to put in the box, which leaves a sour taste. Its secon...

3. Bush to take 'hands-on' peace talk role
(News Room/Op Ed - 2007)
...ster Ehud Barak, but "the obligation to be very careful about activities that undermine confidence, that admonition remains, and that was the admonition that I communicated." Also Wednesd...