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Geneva Initiative Annexes


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1. Two-State Index: Up by 1.1% in June
(News Room/News - 2018)
  The Bahrain Workshop. Palestinian support for boycott of US peace plan. Left-wing figures emerge in Israeli elections. Unsteady, unofficial ceasefire with Gaza holds. These trends mov

2. Joint Delegation to China
(Events/Joint Activities - 2018)
...g Palestinian and Israeli leaders after a week-long trip to China. Spanning the political spectrum from left-to-right, participants engaged in constructive dialogue framed by discussions relating to C...

3. Russian-Speakers Tour of the Gaza Envelope
(Events/Local Activities - 2018)
...o the strategic, economic, and security-related issues in the Gaza Strip and envelope. Our participants left this myth-busting tour with a more nuanced understanding of the situation in and around Gaz...

4. American Support for Peace
(News Room/News - 2018)
...mitment to the two-state solution.    We still don’t know what’s included (or left out!) in the “Deal of the Century,” but we do know that leading American voices...

5. Two-State Index goes up by 1% in June
(News Room/News - 2018)
 New elections in Israel, an American economic workshop in Bahrain, a ceasefire in Gaza: read our analysis and watch the latest video from the Two-State Index report here.  The TSI is a

6. Russian-Speakers Course
(Events/Local Activities - 2018)
 Our leadership course for Russian speakers about the Palestinian-Israeli conflict is in full swing. The course, which is led in partnership with the EU, gives Russian-speaking Israelis the skill

7. Message from Ramallah
(News Room/News - 2018)
By Tal Lev-Ram, Maariv Online     In a visit to the Palestinian city, one can feel the influence of Israeli pressure on the Palestinian Authority, and the "Deal of the Century&quo

8. Meeting with American Congresspeople
(Events/Local Activities - 2018)
This week GI Director Gadi Baltiansky, former Palestinian official Hind Khoury, and Swiss Ambassador Jean-Daniel Ruch met with a delegation of American congresspeople and the leaders of J-Street Israe

I-Panels Survey Sponsored by the Geneva Initiative, January 2019 Read the Haaretz article on the poll results here.   Public Opinion Survey (according to intended party alignments) – Ja

Abbas strikes a reconciliatory tone toward Israel; Benny Gantz launched his campaign and immediately shot up in the polls; UN and Qatar restored a fragile calm in Gaza; U.S. aid to the Palestinians is

Abbas strikes a reconciliatory tone toward Israel; Benny Gantz launched his campaign and immediately shot up in the polls; UN and Qatar restored a fragile calm in Gaza; U.S. aid to the Palestinians is

"Critical work continues to be done by civil society to find common ground and to work towards resolving the conflict. Their efforts are inspiring and should be applauded and supported by all.&qu

... can be managed in perpetuity are wrong. There is no status quo; there is only a deterioration that, if left unchecked, without a vision and the political will for peace, can only lead to endless conf...

 Israel announces early elections. European countries take a stand in the United Nations about a possible American peace deal. Escalation in the West Bank. Mahmoud Abbas dissolves the Palestinian

Israel and Hamas found themselves on the verge of war before restoring a fragile ceasefire. The Gaza escalation unleashed a political crisis in Israel. Israel unleashed unprecedented moves targeting E

16. Jerusalem tour with Dr. Shaul Arieli
(Events/Local Activities - 2018)
  Jerusalem is often cited as one of the outstanding “intractable” issues that make the Palestinian-Israeli conflict so difficult to solve. Last Friday, 23.11, confl

      In the past few months, the Trump administration is attempting to redesign the Israeli-Palestinian landscape. After recognizing Jerusalem as the capital of Israel and reloca

August 15, 2018 A new poll by the Tami Stainmetz Center for Peace Research and the Palestinian Center for Policy and Survey shows that while support for the two-state solution is down, it remains th

19. Social Media Training for Youth in Gaza
(Events/Local Activities - 2018)
In July, the Palestinian Peace Coalition – Geneva Initiative brought together youth from Gaza for training on &ld

... seen from outside, and to reflect on lessons from other conflicts around the world.   From left to right: Members of the Israeli delegation; Plenary meeting, Caux Forum ...

21. Hosting a Delegation from Spain and Columbia
(Events/Local Activities - 2018)
  On July 9th, the Israeli office of the Geneva Initiative hosted a group of government officials and

22. Seminar for Palestinian Youth
(Events/Local Activities - 2018)
On June 28-29, the Palestinian Peace Coalition - Geneva Initiative held a two-day seminar in Ramallah. The seminar brou

  In June, GI director Gadi Baltiansky gave a lecture on the history of the peace process and peace pr

...and expand, as Netanyahu promised his ministers in June 2011 ("the blocs of the national left are not my blocs"). On the issue of security, Netanyahu's position, which was pre...

  In June, a group of young Palestinians and Israelis decided to take a br

  “I run an Israeli company that wishes to employ Palestinian programmers from Gaz

27. A Geneva Initiative Delegation to Sweden
(Events/Joint Activities - 2018)
  In May, the Geneva Initiative’s Nidal Foqaha and Daphna Perry traveled to Stockholm, where the

...n Tel Aviv. For the most part, the conference participants identified with the hard core of the Israeli left, including Meretz members and supporters of the Geneva Initiative, which organized the even...

  On May 10th the Geneva Initiative held a public conference in Tel-Aviv that was attended by ove

In April, the work of the Geneva Initiative was presented in several public events in Washington D.C.  

31. Conference: 25 years since Oslo
(Events/Local Activities - 2018)
  On April 26, Geneva Initiative’s Chairperson Yossi Beilin and Director Gadi Baltiansky spoke at a conference

32. Workshop on Lessons from Northern Ireland
(Events/Local Activities - 2018)
  On April 13th, on the occasion of 20 years to the Good Friday Agreement, we held a workshop on lessons from Northe

33. Panel on the Geneva Initiative at an IDC Conference
(Events/Joint Activities - 2018)
On March 10, international law experts Einat Ronen and Mostafa Elostaz talked with students at the Interdisciplinary Cent

...and the Mediterranean had reached parity at 6.5 million for each side. Over the years, the Zionist left kept warning about the prospect of a Jewish minority in Israel controlling a Palestinian ma...

On March 31st, the Palestinian Peace Coalition-Geneva Initiative held a seminar for a group of 36 senior political acti

36. Advanced Leadership Course in Ramallah
(Events/Local Activities - 2018)
On March 29-30, the Palestinian Peace Coalition-Geneva Initiative ran a two-day training focused on leadership and comm

On March 27th, we held a day-long seminar for Jewish youth from Australia, U.K., U.S., Canada and Germany.

38. Israeli-Palestinian Working Group on Water
(Events/Joint Activities - 2018)
Building on the Geneva Initiative’s work on the issue of Water (which has resulted inter alia in the Water Annex),

39. Briefing European Members of Parliament
(Events/Joint Activities - 2018)
On March 25th, the Geneva Initiative's Ayed Atmawi and Daphna Perry briefed a delegation of European Parliament members on the two stat

40. The Geneva Initiative at NYU
(Events/Local Activities - 2018)
  Yossi Beilin, the Israeli Chairperson of the Geneva Initiative, spoke about “Th

41. Seminar for Palestinian and Israeli Business Leaders
(Events/Joint Activities - 2018)
On March 23-24, the Geneva Initiative, in partnership with the SHARE Foundation, held a two-day seminar for a group of 14

42. The Geneva Initiative in Spanish!
(Events/Local Activities - 2018)
  On March 22nd, the Geneva Initiative’s Israeli Director Gadi Baltiansky met with the Mexican Undersecretary

  On March 22nd, Yossi Beilin, the Israeli Chairperson of the Geneva Initiative, met with the Head of the PLO Genera

44. Conference in Gaza
(Events/Local Activities - 2018)
On March 21st, the Palestinian Peace Coalition-Geneva Initiative held a public conference on the current political situ

... thousands of Palestinians — roughly 40% of the city’s population — have largely been left behind. But now, this could be starting to change. As Jerusalem municipal elections app...

  What should China's role in the Middle East Peace Process be? And how can its engagement with the lo

47. Engaging Israeli Youth in the Peace Discourse
(Events/Local Activities - 2018)
  On March 8th, the Israeli Director of the Geneva Initiative, Gadi Baltiansky, met with a group of yo

48. Briefing a Danish Parliamentary Delegation
(Events/Local Activities - 2018)
  On March 4th, Gadi Baltiansky, the Israeli Director of the Geneva Initiative, briefed the Danish Parliament’

  In early March, the Palestinian Peace Coalition-Geneva Initiative held a two-day capacity-building

In February, Geneva Initiative Directors Nidal foqaha and Gadi Baltiansky gave a talk to a group of 100 high-school stude

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