Geneva Initiative Annexes
Geneva Initiative Annexes


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On June 18th, EU Vice President Federica Mogherini issued a timely and critical message to US Secretary of State Pompeo and to Jared Kushner, reiterating the EU's "readiness to work with the US a

2. Two-State Coalition Meets MK Tzipi Livni
(Events/Local Activities - 2018)
  p.p1 p.p2 Even as electoral politics rage around us, the heads of organizations participating in our Two-State Coalition convened to speak with the Head of Hatnuah party, MK Tzipi

...esses its desire for peace, but its actions speak louder. Regional diplomacy takes center stage. The PLO meets, Europe scores a promising victory, and some signs of hope from civil society. Such contr...

...Palestinian conflict” that is based on a two-state solution.   PA President mahmoud Abbas meets with Chinese President Xi Jinping (credit: Reuters)PA President mahmoud Abbas meets with ...

On November 25, GI Israeli director Gadi Baltiansky and Steering Committee member Colette Avital met with Portugal's Fore

6. Geneva Initiative meets with EU Foreign Policy Chief
(Events/Joint Activities - 2016)
On September 28th, heads of the Israeli and Palestinian Geneva Initiative met with the High Representative

7. Geneva Initiative meets with British MP
(Events/Joint Activities - 2016)
In February, Geneva Initiative and Palestinian Peace Coalition Director Generals met with Diana Johnson, Member of the British Parliament who

The Swiss Foreign Minister, Didier Burkhalter, met today (13.10.15) with the Israeli and Palestinian heads of the Geneva Initiative to discuss ways to end the current cycle of violence and begin a sub

9. GI Meets with Artbridge Youth Leaders
(Events/Joint Activities - 2015)
  In August, Palestinian and Israeli representatives of the Geneva Initiative met with Israeli and P

10. Meeting with Likud Central Committee Members
(Events/Local Activities - 2015)
...esset. Geneva Initiative - Israel Director General, Gadi Baltiansky, meets with Likud Central Committee members ...

...squo;normal’ Israelis – it is this thought that is scaring the world. Every diplomat that he meets, sends advice to act urgently and forcefully against the settlements. Dayan’s place...

2.12.2014 via The Chilean Foreign Ministry   On November 26th, Director General of the Geneva Initiative-Israel, Gadi Baltiansky, met with the President of Chile, Michelle Bachelet, Chile

  In early November, members of the Israeli and Palestinian steering committees of the Geneva Initia

On September 10th we hosted dozens of Israeli activists for a meeting with Geneva Initiative Israel Chairperson (and former Justice Minister)

15. Defining the Endgame of the Peace Process
(News Room/Op Ed - 2013)
by Michael Auerbach and Markus E. Bouillon, Huffington Post 01/12/2014 via Huffington Post [click here for original article]   Following Secretary of State John Kerry's tenth visit in a yea

...that despite all the pain entailed in concessions, it is possible to reach a historical compromise which meets the vital national interests of each side.” The impressive 114-page Geneva Initiati...

17. The Two-State Imperative
(News Room/Op Ed - 2013)
 By Roger Cohen, The New York Times 22.07.13 via The New York Times [click here for original article]   Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas greets U.S. Secretary o

By Staff 06.07.2013 via JPost [click here for original article]      Secretary of State John Kerry in separate meetings with Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu and PA P

On Monday, June 24, participants in the Geneva Initiative's Political Course heard from Daniel Shek, former Israeli Amba

By Yair Ettinger, Haaretz     The Geneva Initiative has been working extensively with the ultra-Orthodox community in Israel, including Shas and Haredi groups, to engage them in the pe

21. GI meets with J Street senior delegation
(Events/Local Activities - 2013)
On Monday May 13, Geneva Initiative hosted a J Street senior leadership delegation at our offices in Tel Aviv. The meetin

...OST (Click here for the original article)   Swiss Foreign Minister on official visit to Israel, meets with President Shimon Peres and suggested that the Geneva Initiative for ending the Israe...

On October 21, Director-General of the Geneva Initiative Israel, Gadi Baltiansky gave a lecture to a delegation from the

24. GI delegation meets with President Abbas in Ramallah
(Events/Joint Activities - 2012)
On October 14, a senior Geneva Initiative delegation consisting of Members of Knesset, mayors and activists from Likud, L

On September 11, Professor Yossi Yonah met with graduates of the Geneva Initiative political course to discuss the relati

26. Meretz head meets Abbas
(News Room/News 2012)
By Raphael Aren, Times of Israel  26.08.2012 via Times of Israel (click here for the original article)    Despite a freeze in high-level contacts between Israel and the Palestin

... the original article)    Her second visit in two years, Secretary of State Hilary Clinton meets with senior Israeli officials including Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, President Shim...

28. GI meets with student activists from Holland
(Events/Local Activities - 2012)
On Monday, July 9, Geneva Initiative representatives met with a group of young student activists from Holland to give a b

By Jerusalem Post Staff, Jerusalem Post 09.04.12 via Jerusalem Post (click here for the original article)   Yesterday, a delegation of the Geneva Initiative senior board members, headed by

By Itamar Eichner, Yediot Ahronot   01.04.12 via Yediot Ahronot (translated by Geneva Initiative staff)   Last week, the Geneva Initiative brought together a Government Minister and

31. Geneva Initiative meets the US Air War College
(Events/Joint Activities - 2012)
On Friday March 16, Director-General of the Geneva Initiative, Gadi Baltiansky, met with U.S. Air War College Colonels at

32. Senior Shas Leaders Meet Palestinians in Budapest
(Events/Joint Activities - 2011)
...much larger than what is proposed today. Once it was taboo to meet with Palestinians, but today everyone meets with Palestinians. That is proof that we had forbidden things in the past, for no reason....

On July 27, Geneva Initiative representatives met with a senior Hungarian Foreign Ministry official in Budapest to discus

...arious peace-making efforts since 1967.   To this end, the Quartet should take the lead when it meets in Washington this Monday by beginning work on a UN resolution that would lay out the par...

35. President Obama and the Peace Process
(News Room/Op Ed - 2011)
...sembly — which admitted the state of Israel in 1949 — to declare a Palestinian state when it meets in September. Israel and the United States dismiss this as theater. But it is certain to ...

36. Zionist diplomacy
(News Room/Op Ed - 2011) is a plan that may be put forward by the Mideast Quartet (the US, the UN, Russia and the EU) when it meets next Friday to force on Israel an outline of a final status arrangement along the 1967 li...

...Azoulay (Shas) noted: "We are not just people who say no. Ultimately, if there is an agreement that meets the political and security problems of Israel, I am sure that Rabbi Ovadia Yosef will sup...

38. Dennis Ross warns Israel: Look at Egypt
(News Room/News - 2011) agreement between Israelis and Palestinians, the harder it will be to forge a two-state solution that meets the needs of both sides,” Ross said.   “The process that began in De...

39. Why are peace talks secret?
(News Room/Op Ed - 2011)
... an agreement will require both sides to ease their grip on long-held taboos and come to compromise that meets the long term national interests of both peoples.   To read al-Jazeera’s r...

By Ma'an News Agency 14.1.2011 Via Maan News Agency (click for original)   US Middle East envoy George Mitchell met separately on Thursday with Israeli and Palestinian envoys as part of Was

41. You Will Miss the Geneva Initiative
(News Room/Op Ed - 2011)
...Palestinians. Indeed, this is only a model, demonstrating that it is possible to reach an agreement that meets the national interests of both sides, and as such is certainly the basis upon which chang...

On January 13 GI's Israel Director General Gadi Baltianksy met with a Member of the German Parliament, as well as represe

43. Who’s Afraid of the Palestinians?
(News Room/Op Ed - 2011)
...and strategy: that Israel can be convinced through engagement of the need for a historic compromise that meets Israeli and Palestinian fundamental interests. The Palestinian leader’s rejection...

On January 11, the Geneva Initiative reconvened its political training course with a briefing by strategic advisor Zvi Ke

45. GI Meets with Churches for Middle East Peace Board
(Events/Local Activities - 2011)
On Wednesday, January 5, Brig. Gen. (Res.) Ilan Paz and Brig. Gen. (Res.) Shlomo Brom briefed board members of Churches f

46. Seminar for Young Israeli Political Activists
(Events/Local Activities - 2010)
... and the current political situation. Geneva Initiative's Israel Director General, Gadi Baltiansky, meets with participants. Dr. Alon Liel, former Director General of Israel's Ministry of Forei...

...nbsp;By the Associated Press 19.20.2010 via Haaretz (Click for Original) Palestinian president meets with some 100 Israelis, including legislators and journalists, says Palestinians changed ...

48. Geneva Initiative Meets with Palestinian Journalists
(Events/Local Activities - 2010)
On November 28, the Geneva Initiative conducted a seminar for Palestinian journalists in Hebron on the role of the Palest

49. Obama Still Wants Peace
(News Room/Op Ed - 2010)
...e. The prime minister is expected to hear this commitment directly from Vice President Joe Biden when he meets him next week at the Jewish Federations convention in New Orleans. Obama, according to hi...

50. They Need to Talk
(News Room/Op Ed - 2010)
...that must be part of any agreement and could then resume building there.   When the Arab League meets on Friday, Arab states — especially Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates &mdas...