Geneva Initiative Annexes
Geneva Initiative Annexes


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...his consistent opposition to an American or an American-led multilateral force to maintain security in the future nonmilitarized Palestinian state. He is also against any division of sovereignty in Ea...

2. A Plan for Peace That Still Could Be
(News Room/Op Ed - 2011)
... come up with a series of principles that would leave Palestine demilitarized (“I agreed to the term ‘nonmilitarized,’ ” Olmert told me) while preserving its sovereignty. &nb...

3. An Accord to Remember
(News Room/Op Ed - 2003-2005)
... summarize, but its central idea is that in exchange for peace with Israel, the Palestinians would at last gain a nonmilitarized state. The Palestinians would also get sovereignty over the Temple Moun...

4. Wanted: Fanatical Moderates
(News Room/Op Ed - 2003-2005)
...o accept every word to see its basic wisdom and fairness: In return for peace with Israel, the Palestinians get a nonmilitarized state in the West Bank and Gaza. They also get the Arab neighborhoods o...